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March 17, 2023 | Data science

Cognitive computing is the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in order to solve complex problems that are common in the real world. Cognitive computing is a type of AI that is designed to mimic human intelligence, specifically learning and reasoning. Cognitive computing is a form of AI that is focused on the development of computational models that are inspired by human cognition.

January 20, 2023 | Learn programming

Have you ever started with a programming language and struggled to find the best way to learn it? It might have been your first time and you didn’t quite know how to get started. It might have been many years later and you wanted to go back to it because you thought you could use it to build something cool.

In this article you will learn about how to learn Python in 3 months.

January 17, 2023 | Learn programming

Recently my friend asked me if his son could learn JavaScript programming. The boy is 12-year-old and has been interested in programming for awhile. He’s currently taking classes at school which is good but he wants to do it on his own too. So if you’ve been wondering if it would be possible to teach a 12 year old (or younger, for that matter) how to code in JavaScript, read on.

January 16, 2023 | Javascript

If you are trying to execute the command line program from the Node.js application or to run a node.js application that creates a sub-process you should look into spawn function. Lets explore the details about how to spawn and kill sub-process in Node.js.

January 14, 2023 | Javascript

If you are here to learn how to program in JavaScript in two days, you might be disappointed with most of the advice on the Internet about programming. This is the question that always comes to everyone’s mind. Nowadays we are living in the 21st century where computers are everywhere and every technology is used for a purpose. So the question is if we can learn programming in few days?

January 13, 2023 | Javascript

Where and how to start with JavaScript? This is probably the most important question anybody can ask before starting to learn programming. JavaScript is a script-based language mainly used for scripting web pages, and to control web page elements. It is also used for creating stand alone applications, and as a programming language on its own. However, before you even start, it’s important to know how and where to start with JavaScript.

January 1, 2023 | Javascript

JavaScript is a prototypical scripting language as some others, and the object is a fundamental construct to this type of language. Lets quickly remind ourselves what is an object in JavaScript? And what about object properties? Then we can see what methods are available to check if a property exists in Javascript object.

August 8, 2022 | Javascript

Before you even think to put your fingers on JavaScript you should learn HTML and CSS basics. To do that you will have to invest around 20-30 hours and once you made at least 3-5 complex HTML pages and style it with CSS you will be ready to think on JavaScript. There are many courses on JavaScript these days, online and in person, interactive or not. You can go old school and read a JavaScript book(s) or better yet read few short tutorials. But how to choose the right one. What if you want to do it fast and easy? Sounds like impossible, except it’s not. Lets see.

July 1, 2022 | Linux

The procedure for adding IP addresses  is very similar on all Linux distributions.  It requires editing network interfaces file and restarting network service. Keep in mind that these specific instructions are tested on Ubuntu.

June 13, 2022 | Data science

Word clouds are becoming increasingly popular in data science and analytics. They are successors of tag clouds or better said younger siblings. The main difference is that tag clouds are usually made of tags manually written by user(s) or chosen from a predefined list and word clouds are based on some advanced text analytics mostly performed by software algorithms. Word clouds are used as a tool to extract essence of some text corpus and to represent it in a graphic form. Words with the higher frequency are shown bigger and those with lower frequency smaller or even excluded. This is the basic concept but the algorithm is quite a bit more complex. But is it possible to apply the word cloud algorithm on custom text without coding?