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January 6, 2021 | WordPress development

Since WordPress version 5.0, a new content editor with code name Gutenberg was enforced over the old one which was called Classic editor. Gutenberg editor, also known as Block editor, introduced a new way of formatting content. It supposed to simplify the already simple process for adding content so for some people, including me, it is just an overhead. Perhaps total beginners will enjoy its “helpfulness” but this tutorial is obviously not for them. So let’s see how to remove the new WordPress editor, including its CSS.


December 29, 2020 | WordPress development

Since WordPress released version 4.7.0. developers can connect the third-party apps with the backend core through a REST API endpoint. This was really great news for developers that marked a new level of WordPress platform usability. Version after version WordPress team ironed out the REST API imperfections, fixed bugs, and added missing features such as different authorization methods. Everything is great – for developers – but what about all those WordPress users that don’t need API? Well, they might need it sometime in the future and it’s there without an easy option to turn it off. The unused feature almost always introduces costs in resources and potential security concerns so let’s see how we can cut it out of our WordPress installation.